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Behind the pictures

Laura Carlin explains what inspired her illustrations Read more


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Therapy Today has launched a Twitter account to keep readers updated about the journal and the latest news about counselling and psychotherapy. You can follow us @TherapyTodayMag Read more

Inside latest issue

News focus: Which party gets your vote?

A pre-election round-up of the various political parties’ policies on counselling and psychotherapy Read more

Dilemmas: Dual relationships in training

Does Steve make a habit of creating dual therapeutic relationships that then go badly wrong? Read more

Separation and stuckness

Young people long to leave the family home but parent and child may struggle to let go, writes Jim Pye Read more

Creatures of a day

An extract from Irvin Yalom’s latest book of stories drawn from his therapy caseload Read more

Mindfulness and counselling

Mindfulness can richly complement counselling practice, writes Simon Cole Read more

Working with disability

Maggie Fisher reflects on how her physical disability features in her client work Read more

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Networking groups

Find a networking group to join in your local area Read more


Find a supervisor or supervision group in your local area or online Read more


Find a placement in your local area on the placements noticeboard Read more


Help researchers with their studies by participating in research Read more

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Behind the shades of grey

‘This film legitimises abuse. The sex is just a smokescreen. Take it away and you’re left with manipulation, misuse of power, violence and exploitation’ Read more

What cost free therapy?

'Seeing people for free can be a dirty secret among therapists, so strong is the idea that paying a fee is somehow good for the client' Read more

We have to talk about touch

‘How do we get the balance right, so that those in need of physical comfort can receive it as part of a caring, professional relationship?’ Read more