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The latest news: updated 13 November

MPs call for better mental health support in schools

Soaps clean up their act
Samaritans withdraw suicide watch app
Doctors challenge dementia incentive
Workplace stress takes biggest toll
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From the archive

Linked to this month’s cover feature on bereavement by homicide, Peter Jenkins explains current legal advice on accessing pre-trial therapy Read more

Behind the pictures

Eleanor Shakespeare describes the inspirations behind her illustrations for the November issue Read more

Inside latest issue

The interview: The unexpected is inevitable

Nick Totton talks to Colin Feltham about his life and work and the quest for social justice that inspires and guides him Read more

Dilemmas: Can we ask clients for testimonials?

In today’s online world, client testimonials may seem the obvious way to market your private practice. But is it ethical to solicit them? Read more

How are you managing?

Counsellors’ work is directly influenced by the way their service is managed. So why isn’t management higher up the professional agenda, asks Alison Brown? Read more

Counselling clients bereaved by homicide

Complicated grief doesn’t begin to describe what it’s like to be bereaved by homicide, writes Janet Nicholls Read more

Why do women get postnatal depression?

Postnatal depression is rarely only about motherhood yet too often a woman’s life history is ignored, says Anna Kinnaird Folkman Read more

Therapists are human too

Marie Adams delves into a deep reluctance among therapists to seek help themselves Read more noticeboard


Find a supervisor or supervision group in your local area or online Read more


Find a placement in your local area on the placements noticeboard Read more


Help students with their studies by participating in their research Read more

Networking groups

Find a networking group to join in your local area Read more reviews

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Lorna Swain reviews the play based on the novel by Mark Hadden Read more


Julian Edge reviews the Polish film directed by Pawel Pawlikowski Read more

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