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The latest news: updated 11 September

BACP calls for more counselling in Scotland

Gay people at higher risk of mental health problems
Weight loss programmes can cause depression
Breastfeeding mothers less likely to have postnatal depression
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Behind the pictures

David Doran describes the inspirations behind his illustrations for September's issue Read more

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From the archive

A dual focus is required when working with refugee families who have escaped trauma and face new difficulties as they seek asylum in the UK, says Sumita Dutta Read more

BACP's other journals

In addition to Therapy Today, BACP produces eight quarterly journals for specific sectors in counselling and psychotherapy Read more

Inside latest issue

Life is not for sitting still

Counsellor, author and social justice advocate Jeffrey Kottler talks about what drives his work to help poor Nepali girls escape the sex industry Read more

How I became a therapist: Angelica Tello

Mexican American counsellor Angelica Tello explains how she found her voice to speak up for disadvantaged people Read more

Gender-based violence and displacement

Ilaria Michelis and Melanie Megevand work with refugees whose worlds have been overturned by the conflict in Syria Read more

Nurtuting reconciliation

Working side by side is achieving reconciliation between people in Rwanda Read more

Restoring cultural memory and identity

Restoring cultural identity is key to rebuilding the lives of dispossessed people in Guatamala Read more

After the earthquake

Haitian professionals needed to learn about the effects of trauma in the wake of the 2010 earthquake Read more noticeboard


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Find a placement in your local area on the placements noticeboard Read more


Help students with their studies by participating in their research Read more

Networking groups

Find a networking group to join in your local area Read more reviews

A personal journey through psychotherapy

A personal journey through psychotherapy: a case study revisited by Susan M Fereday Read more

Come into the garden

Come into the garden by Di Sherlock Read more

The knife and the butterfly

The knife and the butterfly: a story of Jungian analysis by Naomi Lloyd Read more