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The latest news: updated 19 February

University staff ‘scared’ to reveal mental illness

Ex-carers more vulnerable to depression
Whistleblowers to be protected
Parents ‘embarrassed’ by counselling
Layard says all children should have life skills lessons
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Behind the pictures

Italian illustrator Andrea Mongia describes what inspired his work in this month’s issue Read more

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News focus: Is depression caused by infection?

Catherine Jackson sounds out views on a controversial new theory that depression could be cured by a simple anti-inflammatory drug Read more

How I became a therapist: James Lamper

A lifelong conflicted relationship with food inspired James Lamper to work with weight and body issues but he realised he would need psychotherapy skills if he was to help people achieve genuine change Read more

Dilemmas: Suicide – the client's right to choose

Your client has told you she intends to end her life, and then she fails to turn up for a session. What do you do? Read more

Social change from the counselling room

Mick Cooper argues that counselling can reach beyond the one-to-one relationship to social action Read more

Attachment and digital communication

Linda Cundy says how we use our mobile phones is a good indicator of our attachment styles Read more

Healing with plant medicine

Fiona Goodwin travelled to the Amazon jungle in search of self-knowledge and emotional healing Read more noticeboard


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We must work with men who want to change

‘Most men who complete our programme benefit enormously... As a society, surely we should be trying to help them become better partners and better men?’ Read more

Counselling in higher education

‘If decisions are being based on market forces there has to be some form of protection for courses and subjects that cannot compete because of economies of scale’ Read more

Post-qualification paths to expertise

‘Clinical supervision constitutes the profession’s key learning environment and its independence from managerial control should be defended at all costs’ Read more