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The latest news: updated 22 August

Helen Bamber OBE dies

Partner miscarriage campaign launched
Epidurals may reduce postnatal depression risk
Disability benefit assessment system flawed, say MPs
Classroom anti-stigma campaigns 'don't work'
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Behind the pictures

Christine Rösch explains what inspired her illustrations for the July issue Read more

From the archive

In an article from 2011, Nick Duffell wonders why we are resistant to acknowledging the problems associated with sending children to boarding school Read more

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Inside latest issue

How I became a therapist: Nash Popovic

Nash Popovic describes his circuitous route to pioneering a new model of integrated coaching/counselling Read more

A slice of the cake

Is there a future for the voluntary sector in the NHS counselling marketplace, asks Catherine Jackson? Read more

Dilemmas: Working with two therapists

Dave is seeking help for his PTSD. But he is already working with another therapist on abuse issues. Should Abraham agree to take him on? Read more

Wounded leaders

Nick Duffell says the emotional privations of a boarding school education have shaped Britain’s political leadership for centuries Read more

A hand across cyberspace

Online counselling can cross continents to help people with gambling addiction, writes Jane Fahy Read more

Congruence or criticism?

In the hands of inexperienced counsellors, congruence can easily turn into bullying, says Nicola Davies Read more noticeboard


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Help students with their studies by participating in their research Read more

Networking groups

Find a networking group to join in your local area Read more reviews


Suzie Chick reviews Frank, a far from archetypal rock band movie that explores issues of identity and vulnerability Read more

Fading Gigolo

Danielle Lloyd-Edwards reviews Fading Gigolo, a sensitive exploration of emotional healing Read more

Starred Up

Patience O’Neill reviews a powerful exploration of the violent sub-culture within our prison system Read more


Catherine Jackson reviews Thrive: the power of evidence-based psychological therapies by Richard Layard and David M Clark Read more