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The latest news: updated 19 May

Doctors say swap pills for talking therapies

Students campaign for more counselling
Exam stress is increasing, Childline warns
'Talk about mental health,' employers urged
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Behind the pictures

Grace Russell describes the inspirations behind her illustrations in the May issue Read more

Peer supervision and collaborative power

Emma Wilkinson explores peer supervision in person-centred counselling and the tensions it exposes between power, responsibility and control Read more


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Therapy Today has launched a Twitter account to keep readers updated about the journal and the latest news about counselling and psychotherapy. You can follow us @TherapyTodayMag Read more

Inside latest issue

News focus: Opening the door to Muslim women

What are the particular challenges facing Muslim women in the UK today – and how can counsellors help? Read more

Managing the space outside the therapy room

This month's dilemma: Anjali’s husband is furious because one of her clients keeps blocking his parking space. Is it really just a parking problem? Read more

What if it’s your child?

What does it say about you as a parent if your teenage son is sectioned under the Mental Health Act? A therapist writes about her experience Read more

In the shadow of detention

Jude Boyles and Mohammed Shaez describe life under the threat of detention Read more

When CBT doesn't help

Helen Hadfield sees too many clients who have been failed by IAPT services Read more

The strength to change

Mark Farrall and Nick Young seek to help men face up to their domestic violence Read more

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Find a networking group to join in your local area Read more

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Student or suspect?

‘The fewer opportunities there are for young Muslim students to explore the complexity of their identities and sense of belonging in a non-judgmental, open way, the more likely they are to feel ghettoised, excluded, fearful and to look elsewhere for some security’ Read more

Science, statistics and short-termism

‘We must never forget that IAPT was and is all about getting people back into the workplace; it was never about helping people find a better quality of life’ Read more

Selling souls in search of status

‘The idea of placing therapists in Jobcentres, with all that is likely to mean in the current climate of demonisation of claimants, is antithetical to all that we should hold dear. Clients should choose therapy when the time is right for them’ Read more